Webinar: New instruments to boost financial liquidity of Polish companies - the 20 bln EUR Financial Shield and amendment to the Anti-Crisis Shield




28 kwietnia 2020, godz. 11.00

In the last couple of weeks, Polish government announced new instruments aimed at supporting Polish business i.a. presented a package worth over 20 bln EUR to boost liquidity of companies suffering liquidity problems due to COVID-19. Moreover, the amendment to the Anti-Crisis Shield was introduced.

We invite you to a free webinar, which will take place on 28th April at 11:00 am, where we will guide you through a structured knowledge of the available support mechanisms under the recently announced aid programmes. This time we will put special emphasis on new possibilities of obtaining financing, which are or will soon be available for entrepreneurs.

In particular, we bring closer the following topics:

  1. Wrap-up of tools available under Anti-Crisis Shield  – we will present a "map" of key tools and their beneficiaries (large companies, SMEs, employees, B2B)
  2. Talk about new funding opportunities during COVID-19 - explaining in particular the assumptions of the Financial Shield
  3. Address the question "what kind of financing can a large, medium and small entrepreneur count on under the so-called Financial Shield", i.e. to explain the financing mechanisms introduced by the Polish Development Fund, the Industrial Development Agency and BGK loan guarantees
  4. "Beyond the Anti-Crisis Shields" - what else is worth noting in the context of improving financial liquidity

Participation in the webinar is free of charge but number of participants is limited.

To join the webinar, you must complete the registration form at the bottom of the page.

Before the webinar, you will receive *link by e-mail which is necessary to properly join the event.

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Technical conditions necessary to join the webinarium:

1. Connecting to the Internet in any technology - preferably via a fixed connection;

2. Internet access with good bandwidth - minimum 1Mbit/s. You can check this at www.speedtest.net;

3. One of two modern web browsers: Chrome or Firefox. The system is not available for other browsers;

4. Having a loudspeaker or headphones;

5. Specifying the individual nickname for the event so that if you want to ask questions in person, rather than via chat, it is possible to start using the microphone and camera.


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