Webinarium: Polish anti-corona-crisis economic package




26 marca 2020, godz. 13.00

During this weekend, Polish Government submitted a draft of the so-called anti-crisis act to counteract the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. Although the draft will still be discussed, it already contains a number of regulations that will affect the activities of enterprises over the coming months.

Based on the draft, we have selected the most important legal and tax tools which we will discuss during webinar that will take place on Thursday 26th March, 1 pm – 2 pm CET.

In particular we will cover the following topics:

  1. PROVIDING ADDITIONAL LIQUIDITY ON THE MARKET: central’s bank actions and state guarantees for SMEs / low-interest loans
  2. KEY INSTRUMENT: co-financing of employee salary by the state and why it can be important to act fast
  3. TAXES: Tax deferrals – what may be deferred under the package and how to act in case of no automatic deferral?
  4. EMPLOYER VS EMPLOYEE: providing more flexibility in the area of labor law
  5. Deferral of certain administrative, legal and tax deadlines
  6. Other measures and state aid considerations
  7. What legal and tax measures should be taken by business to secure liquidity and stability of Polish enterprises?


Webinarium will be conducted in english.

Participation in the webinarium is free. The number of places is limited.
Before the webinarium, you will receive by e-mail the link necessary to properly join the event.

Technical conditions necessary to join the webinarium:

1. Connecting to the Internet in any technology - preferably via a fixed connection;

2. Internet access with good bandwidth - minimum 1Mbit/s. You can check this at www.speedtest.net;

3. One of two modern web browsers: Chrome or Firefox. The system is not available for other browsers;

4. Having a loudspeaker or headphones;

5. Specifying the individual nickname for the event so that if you want to ask questions in person, rather than via chat, it is possible to start using the microphone and camera.


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