Six Times running CRIDO rated winner of „Poland Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year”

9 September 2021
3 min

This year’s „Poland Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year” title awarded in the International Tax Review (ITR) ranking has for the sixth time gone to CRIDOs’ TP team.

The „Poland Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year” title is awarded annually to a professional services firm which has successfully completed the most eye-catching project. Projects are rated in terms of their complexity, scope and innovativeness, as well as matter and transaction value. Nomination to the award follows a multi-step selection procedure which includes, among other things, clients’ opinions.

Winners of this year’s ranking were announced in London on 9 of September during an online ceremony on account of current travel restrictions.

The title is awarded as a part of the European Tax Awards contest, which is an annual event with a respectable track record run by the International Tax Review trade journal. This Europe-wide ranking seeks to recognize excellence in tax advisory services on a category-by-category basis.

Starting in 2016 our transfer pricing team has consistently come top in the European Tax Awards. Due to the degree of complexity which the taxpayers have experienced in dealing with transfer pricing issues in the time of the pandemic, including a raft of new legislation, competition and selection criteria have been ratcheted up to new levels. We are all the more pleased at the recognition because it is the sixth time in a row that this has happened. It is a clear sign to us that, despite growing internal and external pressures, we continue to develop and meet new needs and new challenges thrown up by client engagements. We are aware that our development is largely driven by having the possibility to work for different types of client but also by our involvement in actively shaping the law and sharing our knowledge with the wider public. To be able to do that we have to keep abreast of all the changes that affect the market. Our efforts pay off in our being awarded more and more interesting projects where we are trusted to pursue unconventional solutions. In the end, this strengthens our market position. Our TP team can field over 30 professionals, in which we are still one of the largest transfer pricing teams in Poland and consistently market leaders. We are pleased that our day-to-day engagement is valued especially by those for whom we work – our clients. We wish to say thank-you to all of them for the trust they place in us and for the projects we have the opportunity to work onsays Ewelina Stamblewska-Urbaniak – partner in CRIDO’s transfer pricing team.
European Tax Awards is one of the most important annual events in the tax sector.

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