Awards and distinctions

CRIDO with honors in „Uniting business for better World”

26 October 2022
2 min

At this year's United Nations Day gala organized by the United Nations Global Compact, CRIDO's Tax Governance team received the Uniting business for better World award. The honor was awarded by the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest initiative promoting business in accordance with the idea of sustainable development, in which CRIDO has been active since 2021. The award was given for conducting a project related to transparent tax settlement and promoting cooperation between the taxpayer and tax administration (e.g. the Cooperation Program).

For many years, CRIDO has been paying attention to sustainability issues and making efforts to operate according to the highest standards expected by the market. CRIDO's Tax Governance team aims to promote and implement a transparent and sustainable approach to tax issues, create an effective framework for internal tax oversight (processes and procedures) within organizations, and build cooperation between the taxpayer and the tax administration within the framework of the so-called Cooperation Program, Investment Agreements or other dialogue tools. Therefore, the activity of CRIDO representatives within the organization could not bypass such an important business-wide and developmental area.

We believe that proper, transparent and responsible tax management (both from the side of entrepreneurs and the tax administration) contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Looking at the new opportunities and changes taking place in the cooperation between taxpayers and tax administration, we believe that openness, transparency and responsible approach to tax issues can bring invaluable benefits to any organization with a forward-looking approach, which directly translate into the security of doing business, its further development and value creation - Michal Borowski, partner in CRIDO's tax team.