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CRIDO has the best tax advisors and offers the best innovative solutions

27 June 2018
3 min

In the 12th edition of the Tax Advisory Firm Ranking by Rzeczpospolita daily CRIDO Taxand has taken the leading position in 4 categories:

  • Andrzej Puncewicz named the Best Advisor in Tax Proceedings (third year in a row)
  • Ewelina Stamblewska-Urbaniak named the Best Transfer Pricing Advisor (fourth year in a row)
  • CRIDO named the leader in the Innovation category due to its novel solutions helping companies in their assessment and management of financial consequences of the split payment mechanism
  • CRIDO Taxand received the leader’s award in “Wins in administrative courts in ground-breaking tax cases” in the CIT category “for representing 5 capital groups of the US investment funds in nearly 200 court cases”.

CRIDO Taxand also took 6th place in the Number of Tax Advisors category, and 5th place in the Highest Revenue category. Our company was also ranked very high – 5th place – for services provided to the largest number of Warsaw Stock Exchange listed companies.

We are also recommended …

In the categories where individuals are ranked, our advisors were recommended in the VAT category – Roman Namysłowski, and in the Transactional Advisory category – Paweł Toński.

Moreover, CRIDO received a distinction for its involvement in the framing of good tax laws.

Apart from the accolades bestowed to individuals from CRIDO, confirming our advisors’ continuously firm position in their specializations, the award was also given to our innovative toolCrido-CashFlow-Controller, the best solution in the Innovation category (CRIDO Taxand topped this category also last year, and the awarded tool was our “TP obligation verifier”). In this year’s justification, the Ranking Committee noted that:

  • We recognize Crido for its client-first approach. In contrast to other solutions, making the processes connected with tax obligation payments more technical, their solution stands out, as it shows the consequences of taxation for business operations (Maciej Bobrowicz, Chair of the National Council of Attorneys at Law).
  • The tool shows that taxes are one of the components of business operations, and any change in tax regulations materially influences the whole business (Tomasz Zalewski, Managing Partner at Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland).
  • The Ranking Committee distinguished Crido Taxand for its responsiveness to the new provisions: We see that the firm keeps its finger on the pulse, as the split payment mechanism is a totally new concept that has entered the stage just recently (Prof. Ryszard Sowiński).

Crido-CashFlow-Controller had been designed by Crido Taxand’s experts from the VAT Team and the Financial Modeling Team several months before the new provisions on split payment mechanism entered into force. The tool helps companies simulate consequences for the business liquidity, considering many variables crucial from the viewpoint of split payment. The tool also served as the basis for a report titled “VAT split payment – how to model a company’s liquidity”.

Awards & distinctions