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Legal advisory services related to obtaining financing for the construction of a wind farm

Project description: Comprehensive financial support of the construction of the second stage of a wind farm of a capacity of 67.5 MW. A full range of legal services was provided, including the negotiation of a loan agreement in the LMA standard, negotiation of security, as well as supervision of the fulfilment of the conditions precedent which were necessary for disbursing the loan. Expert’s view: ‘Securing the financing of the second stage of the project was absolutely crucial for the completion of the whole of the investment project in 2015. The whole of the financing project, together with the conclusion of the loan and security agreement, as well as the satisfaction of the conditions for disbursement were completed within approximately one and a half months. Such a large project was completed in such a short time due to the efficient management of the whole project, as well as communication between the bank’s advisers and the borrower,’ says Jakub Ziółek.

Advisory services in the acquisition of a forwarding and customs clearance company

Project description: The transaction encompassed the acquisition of a rapidly growing forwarding and customs clearance firm, providing comprehensive logistical services world-wide, through offices located in Gdynia and Gdańsk. Crido Legal’s lawyers represented a Maltese group handling international projects, including in cooperation with McDonanld’s and Apple, in the logistics, engineering, technology and real property sectors. Crido Legal’s client has a presence in nine countries from the Mediterranean Sea to Central and Eastern Europe through six departments. Crido Legal’s comprehensive services included due diligence, negotiations of share purchase agreements and other transaction documents, as well as representation of the purchaser before the President of the OCCP regarding the notification of the intention to concentrate. Crido Legal also provided advisory services supporting the financing transaction. Expert’s view: ‘The representation of a foreign group involved in international projects is a further example of Crido Legal’s competence in M&A transactions. We are pleased that the help in acquiring a rapidly developing company offering forwarding services will strengthen our client’s position in the Central and Eastern European region,’ says Szymon Syp, PhD.

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Łączna wartość przeprowadzonych transakcji za ostatni rok to ok. 860 mln PLN, w tym 4 transakcje o wartości powyżej 100m PLN

Jurysdykcje, w których operują nasi klienci to Niemcy, Austria, Watykan, Holandia, Luksemburg, Cypr, Węgry, Izrael, USA, Polska, Hiszpania, Portugalia, Wielka Brytania, Malta.

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