Grzegorz Grochowski

manager at CRIDO


Areas: Financial Modeling and Valuation

Grzegorz is a manager in CRIDO’s Financial Modeling and Valuations Department. He specializes in financial analysis, including analysis in support of EU funding applications, financial modeling, company and trade mark valuations, valuations of intangibles and going concerns. Grzegorz has an impressive record of supporting the largest companies in key sectors, including automotive, chemical, construction and IT, in pursuing their investment and development aims which involve the operation of research and development centers, development and expansion of manufacturing facilities, the running of research and development projects and environmental protection projects. He became a member of CRIDO’s team in 2013. Grzegorz was involved in preparing EU funding applications in terms of project viability (applications, business plans, feasibility studies) and project financing (financial modeling, market analysis, financial forecasting). He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics where he got a degree in Finance and Accounting (focus on corporate finance). He has coauthored a number of publications on patent protection.

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