Anna Wcisło

partner at CRIDO


Areas: Taxes, Transfer Pricing

Anna is a partner at CRIDO’s Transfer Pricing Team. Her hands-on experience includes over ten years of work on transfer pricing projects for domestic and international clients. Her portfolio encompasses a vast gamut of projects regarding, among other things, negotiating advance pricing agreements (APA) with the Ministry of Finance and preparation of (financial, non-tangible, trade) transaction valuations for tax purposes. She also assisted clients in the course of inspections held by tax offices and the Tax Inspection Authority in respect of transfer pricing, and designed policies of transfer pricing, transaction flows, and settlement procedures. Anna has also been in charge of projects dealing with the determination of the arm’s length prices settlements. Her expertise encompasses various sectors, and in particular Real Estate and Finances, and capital group financial structuring projects. She started to gain and develop her transfer pricing competences in the BIG 4 firms, and in 2014 she joined CRIDO. In 2018, Anna has been promoted to a partner position in CRIDO’s Transfer Pricing team, the enormous growth of which in recent years is evidenced by top awards in Polish and international tax rankings (e.g. the team was named the transfer pricing leader in Poland in the International Tax Review ranking three times in a row).

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