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As one of the leading Polish independent law firms acting in international environment we have gained a lot of experience in cross-border projects. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to be approached by foreign law firms with respect to matters of Polish law or business in Poland. On the other hand, while representing Polish clients on their foreign expansion, we will be pleased to delegate work to the law firms abroad. It might concern legal due diligence process, litigation issues or even day to day advisory to the foreign branch of Polish company. Our goal is to establish fruitful mutual relationships with leading law firms worldwide.

Our colleagues from foreign law firms appreciate our flexibility and responsiveness. They consider us to be a reliable partner who has appropriate capacity and knowledge for providing comprehensive legal advisory services. And who always cares about providing top quality “good value for money” services.

Jakub Ziółek, Managing Partner at CRIDO Legal

Cooperation opportunities

In today’s global world, close cooperation with foreign law firms is a key to success for local law firms. Disappearing boundaries in broadly-understood communications enable businesses to expand quickly all over the world. To be close to those who consider the Polish market to be an interesting business opportunity, we are open to cooperation with law firms regardless their jurisdiction. We promise to establish good relationships based on trust and reliability with both foreign lawyers and their clients. And provide them with tailor-made solutions and the appropriate attention we give to each project.

Mergers and Acqusitions (M&A)

M&A at CRIDO Legal is a team of experienced lawyers who have conducted transactions in over 20 different jurisdictions.

We advise Polish companies on their foreign expansion through acquisitions, we support them in establishing / registering companies abroad, and we also support foreign companies in entering the Polish market.

We coordinate the work of all foreign advisors, including legal, tax and financial advisors from start to finish.

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International litigation

Our litigation team supports foreign clients in proceedings before Polish courts as well as represents Polish companies before courts in other countries.

Our lawyers have successfully conducted court proceedings in many jurisdictions, e.g. in France, Romania or USA.

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Compliance and employment law issues

We help our clients in issues related to the broadly understood employment of foreign nationals and global mobility.

We also prepare a remote work procedure, whistleblower protection procedure and other issues related to the compliance HR.

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Poland Quarterly by CRIDO

The rapidly changing regulatory and economic worldwide landscape, forces to keep eye on local markets to see how they adjust to new challenges. As one of the leading advisory & legal firms in Poland we would like to help you and your clients to be up to date with key events shaping Poland’s investment environment.  We appreciate that time is of the essence for you, so we only provide you with the key information in a bitesize form.  Having said that, we are happy to provide you with our latest edition of Poland Quarterly by CRIDO.

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