Implementation of the whistleblower protection procedure

Until 17 December 2021 Poland should implement the provisions necessary to implement the EU Directive on whistleblower protection, which requires employers to implement internal channels for reporting breaches of the law in their organization. It follows from the proposed provisions that already within 14 days of the announcement of the act, this obligation will cover:

Private sector employers with at least 50 and less than 250 employees must implement a breach notification procedure in their organization by 17 December 2023.

Failure to implement confidential and safe procedures for reporting irregularities carries a risk of criminal liability

We provide a comprehensive reporting tool in line with the requirements of the new regulations

Platform for anonymous reporting of irregularities in the organization

In order to meet the needs of business, we have prepared a comprehensive reporting tool Sygnalizuj24h which is fully compliant with the requirements of the new regulations.

Functionalities of the Sygnalizuj24h platform

For reporting persons – whistleblowers

  • anonymous reporting via HTTPS
  • ensuring high anonymity of reporting persons thanks to the possibility of reporting via the Tor network
  • contextual forms for collecting information relevant to the reported problem category
  • the option to send attachments (files) in various formats with the notifications
  • generating access tokens for reporting persons (whistleblowers)
  • the possibility to access the submitted application using the generated token
  • completing notifications by adding comments and attachments

For designated pickups

  • access to all reports
  • sending e-mail alerts about a new notification
  • adding comments to tickets and leaving a message for the reporting person
  • the possibility of an advanced search for notifications
  • creating printouts of notifications
  • report of all created tickets

Benefits of implementing the platform Sygnalizuj24h

Full anonymity and data security

The Sygnalizuj24h platform allows employees to leave a report completely anonymously. The whistleblower receives an individual token for his notification, which helps him check its status or complete the information. He does not have to provide any personal data, e-mail address or telephone number. The system is protected against DDoS attacks, has anti-spam and anti-XSS protection, and, thanks to the encryption of databases and files attached to reports, the stored data is safe.

Speed, availability, convenience

The solution is offered in the SaaS model (Software as a Service). It is user-friendly for both whistle-blowers who report irregularities and those designated to receive reports. The end userneed not install any dedicated software – access to the system is through a web browser.

Strong company image

  • Creating a culture of the company operating in a highly ethical environment
  • Counteracting irregularities lowering the market position
  • Creating a defense file in the event of an inspection by authorized public authorities

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