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Tax governance – manage tax issues in a more mature way

Tax governance is a set of principles guiding your organisation in the decision-making process in the field of tax issues. Well-structured processes supported by an effective organisational framework give you the possibility to manage tax settlements efficiently, transparently and fairly to the shareholders, investors, clients and employees. It is also a clear signal to the government and the community you are a part of that you are meeting your responsibilities towards them.

Maturity, transparency, security

The improvement of quality of the tax governance has various dimensions. The tax function maturity model in different companies vary just as do the taxpayers themselves.

Nowadays more and more emphasis is placed on the fact that companies follow the ESG principles (environment, social responsibility, governance) and we believe that these principles can certainly be applicable for taxes.

Consequently, the essence of our support is to find the most suitable and appropriate way to help you achieve your goals. No matter what the nature of the target is – whether you seek to comply with the statutory obligations (e.g. report on the implementation of the tax strategy), to benefit from voluntary programmes (e.g. the Horizontal Monitoring Programme), or simply develop frameworks and standards for tax in your organisation.

Maturity of the tax function and cooperation

Tax function maturity barometer

Internal Tax Control Framework

Audit of the tax function processes

Independent Audit of the Tax Function

Accession to the Horizontal Monitoring Programme

Achieve high standards

Transparency in relations with the surrounding environment

As a matter of fact, paying taxes is the most basic form of making economic contributions by business to the society. Disclosing your organisation’s approach to taxation is a way to express one of the key elements of the firm’s identity and building their value.

What is more, changes in supply chains induced by the groundbreaking events of recent years and months caused that the concern for the operation of the company in itself has become insufficient – there is a need to learn more about contractors, the origin of their capital and principles they follow in conducting business activity.

Both domestic tax authorities and key international institutions driving tax reforms are providing more and more detailed guidance and legal obligations on the required content of disclosures. We will help you feel comfortable reporting this information publicly.

Certainty as to tax implications of your decisions

The Polish tax system offers taxpayers a variety of solutions allowing them to avoid uncertainties as to tax implications of business decisions. Some elements of this landscape are designed particularly for key investors and companies operating in specialised trades or international markets.

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