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We support Polish businesses, employers and individuals in their day-to-day business operations in terms of their broadly-understood human capital needs.
We advise our clients on how to solve problems and deal with challenging issues connected with personal income tax, national insurance, employment law, immigration law and sector-specific regulations.

What we can do for you

Consulting services for employers

We support employers in carrying out their day-to-day duties and taking effective measures in enforcing company employment policy, including employee motivation programmes, incentives to innovate, promotion of a positive company image, prevention of high turnover, as well as in ensuring compliance with tax and national insurance regulations. Our assistance covers also public financing, including help in securing support under emergency business relief schemes.

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Tax agility

We advise our clients on adapting their businesses to the changing legal environment and new circumstances by, among other ways, developing and implementing new cooperation models for entrepreneurs and contractors, and by developing remuneration schemes for specialists and management. Business owners can count on our support in helping them choose the most effective way to organize their business affairs and plan legal succession.

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Immigration procedures

We advise on all issues connected with cross-border employee migration, including obtaining permits for foreign nationals from outside the European Union to stay and work in Poland legally, as well as registering EU member state citizens planning to stay in Poland. We offer a comprehensive package of services in connection with the granting of permission to work and stay in Poland which include preparing, assembling and analyzing any documentation necessary to comply with the work and stay permit application procedure.

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Cost effectiveness

In response to growing employment costs, businesses are looking for ways to save money within the remuneration models they offer. We can help you find ways to rationalize your national insurance contribution costs (e.g., accident insurance component, access to work for the disabled, and unemployment insurance), review your tax and national insurance arrangements, and help obtain funds for projects improving health and safety at work.

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The new normal mobility

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the perception of employee migration for international business as well as forcing large numbers of employees to switch to remote or hybrid working. We support employers in their efforts to address these issues effectively and meet the demands of the work force, and in ensuring they comply with their tax withholding and employment requirements in the context of cross-border employee migration and remote and hybrid working models.

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