Withholding taxes in Poland 2022 - how to adapt to the rapidly changing reality?




28 june 2022, time 11.00

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We would like to invite you to our webinar which will take place on 28th of June 2022, at 11:00 am, where we will discuss in more details following withholding tax in Poland:

  1. New rules (partly new and partly unfrozen) for collecting withholding tax (WHT) - introduction
  2. Collection of WHT and subsequent refund from the tax office - a few words about the practice of tax office
  3. Opinion on the application of tax preferences as a way of not collecting WHT
  4. If not an opinion, then maybe a statement of management board member(s)?
  5. Our WHT audit experience: who can expect the tax audit, what can be the consequences, what is the current tax audit approach and how to mitigate the potential risk?

The partner of the event is the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

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