Webinar series: Design for Patentability


online (CEST)


1 july 2020, time 15.00

In an era of continuous competitive race, constantly emerging innovations or unmet consumers’ needs, as well as in a world in which  an economic crisis caused, for example by an epidemic, can appear almost overnight, it is extremely important to care for the development of your own business and being ahead of competitors actions.

Development is usually an expensive process and should be treated as an investment in the future of our company. It is even more important for this process to be well planned and effective and its results properly protected against copying or imitations.

The answer to this need is the methodology of MIT professor Sergei Ikovenko, who during many years of scientific, educational and consulting activity has developed a number of tools and algorithms that allow to create  innovations effectively and that additionally guarantee the possibility of effective patenting. Design for Patentability - because we talk about this methodology - is based on the approach developed many years ago and called pragmatic innovations, but adds to it an additional dimension related to the protection of intellectual property rights.

DFP is a relatively young tool, but it is gaining more and more recognition, especially in strong and fast-growing Asian economies. In Poland Crido R&D is the first consulting company that uses, among others, this particular methodology in the implementation of consulting and advisory projects.

In addition to everyday services for clients in the field of specific innovative problems, today we would also like to contribute in the process of disseminating knowledge about DFP among Polish (but not only) entrepreneurs. Thus, we invite you to a series of three free English-language webinars constituting an introduction to a much more comprehensive training program.

Below you will find an invitation from Professor Ikovenko and information on the subject of the first three free webinars. At the end of the page there is a registration module, technical details, as well as a framework plan for the training program, which will develop and deepen the content presented in the webinars.

>> Professor Sergei Ikovenko invites to Webinars



  1. DFP Tools for competitive patent circumvention.
  • Introduction to DFP
  • Main strategies for competitive patent circumvention
  • Using DFP tools in combination with nuances of the patent law.

The participants will be introduced to powerful strategies and tools for competitive patent circumvention. On top of obtaining FTO – freedom to operate, the approaches allow to protect a new architecture of the device/process as an independent patent.

Date and hour: 17th of June, 3:00 p.m. CEST

2. DFP Tools for strengthening your own IP.

  • Patent strengthening strategies
  • Development of dependent claims.
  • Identification of ‘white spots’ for patenting.

Submitting a weak patent application on your new idea does not make much sense. Time and money will be spent, but your IP will not enjoy much protection or even worse, it will be stolen.

The webinar focuses on the most successful DFP strategies for strengthening your IP as well as identifying ‘white spots’ of potential patenting that leads to competitive advantage on the market and saving money.

Date and hour: 24th of June, 3:00 p.m. CEST

3. DFP Tools for Innovation Projects

  • Innovation Projects and IP Strategy Projects
  • Using DFP tools for cost reduction
  • DFP for startups and Innovative Hybridization.
  • DFP Institute, its activities, certification programs and recognition.

The last in this webinar series, this presentation will open the DFP capabilities in running innovation projects. If the first two webinars are centered on IP strategies, this one is about the technology of design that almost automatically leads to solutions satisfying patentability criteria. Cost reduction, new product development, innovative hybridization for startups are just few of DFP possible project applications.

Date and hour: 1st of July, 3:00 p.m. CEST

Participation in the webinar is free of charge but number of participants is limited.

To join the webinar, you must complete the registration form at the bottom of the page.

Before the webinar, you will receive *link by e-mail which is necessary to properly join the event.

*Please note: after the verification of your submissions, the link will be sent to you a maximum of one hour before the start of the webinar. If the link is not in your inbox, please contact us and check:

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Design for Patentability Training Program

The first three free webinars cover the introduction to a much more comprehensive training program. This program includes three levels of certification. Below we present the agenda of the training. Participants will be able to take the test after completing the training. Passing the test means the first degree of DFP certification.

Day I

  1. Introduction - Two DFP methodology directions
  2. Intellectual Property in general. Patents in engineering
  3. Analytical Tools for DFP (devices)

Day II

  1. Tools for designing innovation strategies in innovation projects and competitive patents
  2. Trimming as a DFP multi-purpose tool (for devices)


  1. The Strategy of competitive patent circumvention by Trimming
  2. Problem Solving tools for DFP. Function-Oriented Search (FOS)
  3. The Strategy of competitive patent circumvention by Substitution

Day IV

  1. The Antidote Strategy for patent application strengthening
  2. Problem Solving Tools for DFP. Resolving Technical (Engineering) Contradictions
  3. Problem Solving Tools for DFP. Resolving Physical Contradictions

Day V

  1. Attribute Analysis for competitive patent circumvention:
  2. Introduction to Innovative Hybridization
  3. Preview of L 2 Certification Workshop
  4.  Official DFP-1 Certification Test

On graduation of DFP-1 certification program the participants will learn basic DFP tools that will enable them

  • run innovation projects ending up with patentable solution
  • circumvent competitive patent
  • successfully complete innovation projects on cost reduction and simplification
  • find the necessary innovative technology
  • develop innovation strategies for products
  • perform hybridization of products ending with effective patentable engineering solution
  • strengthen their own IP

On passing the Official Certification Test the participants will get DFP International certification of Level 1 DFP Practitioner.

>> More informations about DFP Training Program

Sergei Ikovenko

Chief Strategy Officer at CRIDO