Downsizing in the era of COVID-19 – key information on collective redundancies




25 lutego 2021, godz. 11.00

The unequal struggle of employers against the COVID-19 pandemic continues. The provisions of the Anti-Crisis Shield offer solutions to protect workplaces. For instance, the Voivodeship Labour Office in Warsaw has granted support to employers worth more than PLN 2.9 billion. However, the periods when employers can apply for support are limited and sooner or later employers find themselves having to make savings also in the area of HR. What should an employer do if its situation – whether economic, organizational or operational (which, after all, may have worsened independently of a pandemic) – inevitably leads to downsizing? The answer is to launch the collective redundancies procedure.

The collective redundancies procedure requires taking a series of steps aimed at termination of employment in a way that is least harmful for the employees. In a nutshell, this means that employers who decide to terminate contracts with a certain number of employees must meet specific legal requirements. Otherwise, they put themselves at risk of possible lawsuits.

During the webinar which will take place on 25th February at 11.00 am, you will learn how to correctly carry out the collective redundancies procedure, not only in order to meet all the obligations provided for by law but also to recognize and include employees' justified interests.

During the webinar, we will answer these and other questions:

  • How to carry out collective redundancies?
  • What about the severance pay and how to analyze costs before deciding on collective redundancies?
  • What impact does the COVID-19 pandemic have on this procedure?
  • Is there an alternative to collective redundancies?

The topics will be interesting for board members, HR or finance directors and other HR and payroll professionals who are considering or preparing to go through with downsizing.


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Jakub Ziółek

managing partner at CRIDO Legal

Edyta Defańska-Czujko

counsel at CRIDO Legal