On the 20th September 2022, the Ministry of Finance has published a new fourth version of the schema for the TPR form – reporting obligation aimed at revealing transactions with related parties and tax havens.

Will this year's form be a challenge, having in mind that there are three months left for submitting the form? Although much more revolutionary changes await us next year,  more than 60 changes to the schema were introduced this year. Majority of them are technical in nature, so will mainly affect those who have attempted to automate the form creation process. However, there are few differences that will require vigilance on the part of all taxpayers. One of them is the fact that two regulations setting out the TPR obligations exist (for two different periods, i.e. for 2021 and for 2022, to which attention should be drawn).

Apart from the changes introduced by TPR-C(4) (this is the official name of the reporting), including, for example, the addition of new fields for supplementary information or changes in the scope of data reported by micro- and small entrepreneurs, invariably, it remains a challenge for taxpayers how to categorize transactions and enter them into the standardized form (as we all know, TP is not an exact science). What we see often, the calculation and presentation of profit level indicators (profitability ratios) to verify compliance with the arm's length principle can be really a challenge, especially for those entities that do not perform the necessary segmentation of financial results for transfer pricing purposes.

For the next year (2022 reporting), according to the published decree of the Minister of Finance, we are facing another, this time more significant redesign of the form. It is crucial therefore, to take care to archive successive versions of not only the submitted forms, but also the internal data that underpins their completion. The content of the TPR, as well as market practice, changes significantly every year.

CRIDO has prepared an updated version of the Compass TPR for the TPR-C(4) form. Compass TPR is a solution that includes a tool to support the completion of the TPR and, at the same time, the consultation of CRIDO's transfer pricing and controlling experts. Compass TPR helps to complete TPR form in a friendly Excel form and send it without manually moving data from Excel to the PDF format. Our solution makes it possible to archive internal data used to complete TPR form.