On April 21, 2023, the Regulation of the Minister of Development and Technology on the ban on import of agricultural products from Ukraine entered into force, replacing the Regulation dated April 15, about which we informed in our article An immediate ban on the import and transit of certain agricultural products from Ukraine to Poland.

Under the Regulation dated April 21, the transit of agricultural products from Ukraine through the territory of Poland is allowed, provided that it is completed in Polish seaports or outside the territory of Poland.

The Regulation introduces a ban on the import until 30 June 2023 of certain products originating in or imported from the territory of Ukraine into the territory of Poland (such as cereals, sugar, fruits and vegetables), excluding:

  1. external transit as referred to in Article 226 of Regulation (EU) No 952/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 October 2013 establishing the Union Customs Code,
  2. the common transit procedure

– provided that the transit is to end in the seaports of Gdańsk, Gdynia, Świnoujście or Szczecin or outside the territory of Poland.

The list of agricultural products prohibited from being imported from Ukraine into the territory of Poland, contained in the Annex to the Regulation of the Minister of Development and Technology of 21 April 2023, includes:

  1. Cereals, part I;
  2. Sugar, part III;
  3. Dried fodder, part IV;
  4. Seeds, part V;
  5. Hops, part VI;
  6. Flax and hemp, part VIII;
  7. Fruit and vegetables, part IX;
  8. Processed fruit and vegetable products, part X;
  9. Wine, part XII;
  10. Beef and veal, part XV;
  11. Milk and milk products, part XVI;
  12. Pigmeat, part XVII;
  13. Sheepmeat and goatmeat, part XVIII;
  14. Eggs, part XIX;
  15. Poultrymeat, part XX;
  16. Ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, part XXI;
  17. Apiculture products, part XXII;
  18. Other products, part XXIV, excluding CN codes of heading 0101 (this is the only change compared to the scope of the prohibition introduced by the Regulation of 15 April 2023).

In addition, under the regulation of the Minister of Finance, as of April 21, the transport through Poland (regardless of the country of origin) of grain, eggs, poultry meat and bee products of a certain weight or number has been subject to notification in the SENT monitoring system under penalty.

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