The 2019 Global Taxand Transfer Pricing Conference was a blast!

The challenges aside, the TP Conference was a joint effort of Crido, our Taxand network and the invited speakers from the Polish Ministry of Finance (Minister Leszek Skiba and Director Joanna Pietrasik), from the business (Maja Pawlowska-Dziedzic from Shell, Pawel Rutowicz from Selena and Sylwia Rzymkowska from ABB) and our Taxand colleagues (Marc Alms, Dr. Nadia Altenburg, Fabien Billiaert, Renata Blahova, Stefano Bognandi, Patrizio Braccioni, Emilia-Adriana Craciun, Álvaro Domínguez Heredero, Felipe Gonzalez, Einari Karhu, Andreas Medler, Clemens Nowotny, Steve Suarez, Richard Syratt, Jimmie van der Zwaan).

The main theme of the conference was the post-BEPS world and its transfer pricing consequences to the multinationals around the world, the many challenges the companies face in their business endeavors to meet all expectations resulting from BEPS implementation. We were discussing the implications of new reporting obligations including CBCR and DAC6. Our speakers shared their experience from transfer pricing audits, commenting if the tax authorities adjusted their approach to transfer pricing cases, taking into account the new regulations.

There were also voting polls for the audience to share their experiences on the recent transfer pricing trends, and their results were discussed by our speakers. As expected, transfer pricing is continuously a hot topic for multinationals. Finally, since taxing digital economy is one of the most difficult questions tackled by OECD, our speakers were also sharing their thoughts on the recent OECD developments on Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 as well as some international cases related to digital businesses’ taxation.

Below you can find all the materials from the Conference, including recording, presentations and photos from the event.